Holiday Insurance

Holiday Insurance

Travel Insurance for Limassol.

Cheap travel insurance for Limassol travel is something that needs consideration. Cheap insurance does not necessarily mean good insurance however so check the small print.

As you know, things can and do go wrong with a holiday, sometimes before you even start your holiday The following information applies to residents and non-residents, whether you’re traveling to or from Limassol or within Cyprus.

Package holiday companies and tour operators offer insurance policies (some of which are compulsory and often expensive and may not provide adequate cover!). Travel insurance is also available from many other sources, including travel agents, insurance companies, and banks. You may also have it on your credit or debit card and be unaware of it. You can buy 24-hour accident and flight insurance at major airports, although this tends to be expensive as you are a captive audience and may not offer the best cover.

Before taking out travel insurance, carefully consider the range and level of cover you require and compare policies in detail. Short-term holiday and travel insurance policies should include cover for holiday cancellation or interruption, especially with self catering holidays, missed flights; departure delays at both the start and end of a holiday. Delayed, lost, stolen or damaged baggage, personal effects and money.

Medical expenses are very important these should include repatriation, personal liability and legal expenses. If you are unwell then to be at the mercy of a foreign hospital will be worrying and can cause untold problems in management of care.

Flight insurance and default or bankruptcy insurance are a serious consideration. A tour operator or airline may go bust and leave your holiday in jeopardy or you in a foreign land with no means of getting home. This latter problem can be avoided by booking with and ABTA/IATA/ATOL approved company such as Discovery Travel

We would recommend using a good company with a solid reputation that covers all these eventualities. Please see this link: Discovery Travel Insurance. We also recommend travel insurance across all our destinations.

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