Explore Limassol

Explore Limassol

Explore Limassol

Limassol has plenty of history & culture making this an interesting place that is definitely worth exploring, with places like Kourion, Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, Amathus. (Please note that Limassol can be incorrectly spelt as Limasol when searching for information).

If you are in the mood for a rejuvenating holiday in some far off land, then you should visit, Limassol or Lemesos, the second largest city in Cyprus might just be the right getaway for you. This bold energetic city, with it's pleasant weather, sunny coasts and it's stunning scenic beauty is considered to be one of the most enchanting destinations of the Mediterranean.

Once known as Neapolis (new town), Limassol was built between two ancient cities, Amathus and Kourion, here you can see Cyprus' rich, diverse history and it's traditional culture, you can immerse yourself in it's epic past, Limassol has a feel of it's golden past, this proud metropolis has a trendy and fascinating way of it's own, so a sojourn in the beautiful city of Limassol will surely be a wonderful experience.

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

The Sanctuary is a temple complex which was built in honour of Apollo Hylates, the God of the Woodland, he was thought to be the protector of Kourion. The finds from the archaeological inquiry established the fact that the Romans breathed life into their culture since the archaic times, this flourishing cult of Apollo was fêted for about 1200 years, from the 8th century B.C to 4th century A.D.

The established nature of the cult usually combined the primary characteristics of it's eastern origin and also its western growth in Theology, the name Hylates given to Apollo is evident from the Hellenistic times. Archaeological diggings have found out that the sanctuary was a bath complex, wrestling ring, pilgrim hall and a holy precinct, with it's intricate features this ancient ruin has a mystic feeling to it.


Among the remnants of the pre historic architectures, Amathus boasts it's significance in the rich and diverse history of the island of Cyprus, Amathus is one of the few city kingdoms which have bravely survived through time. The ruins of the ancient town of Amathus lay to the east of Limassol city, from the ancient mythological tales, it came to our knowledge that Amathus was the place where Theseus left the pregnant Ariadne to be looked after during his combat with the Minotour.

The widely known cult of Aphrodite Astarte has prospered in this metropolis, the vestiges clearly bring to light the evidence of Archaic, Roman and Christian symbolism prevalent in Cyprus' history, many parts of the city, especially the upper and lower divisions have surfaced during the far reaching excavations, some sections of the Agora and Acropolis region have also been dug up, this metropolis is an ancient bearer of the great old architectures.

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