Attractions in Limassol

Limssol and it's surrounding area's has many wonderful attractions that are definitely worth visiting, like Lemesos Medieval Castle, Kourion Theatre, Fasouri Watermania, Grand Mosque, Limassol Sculpture Park, Kourion, St. Nicholas of the Cats, Limassol Municipal Art Gallery, and Lemesos Medieval Museum.

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Attractions in Limassol


Fasouri Watermania

Fasouri, Limassol

Fasouri Watermania is a very big waterpark, Limassol has various waterparks for holiday tourists, Fasouri Watermania is the largest waterpark in Cyprus and is located between...

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near Episkopi, Limassol

One of the most fascinating archeological sites in Cyprus is Kourion, this spectacular ancient city dates back to the 12th century B.C. and once was one of the most marvelous...

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Kourion Theatre

near Episkopi, Limassol

If you want to learn more about the cultural aspects of Limassol then a visit to Kourion Theatre is highly recommended, The Kourion Theatre was probably constructed around the...

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Lemesos Medieval Castle

Richard & Berengaria Str, Near the, Plymouth

Limassol or Lemesos, the second largest city in Cyprus is associated with the Crusades in the medieval times in its 5000 years old civilization this city witnessed a great many...

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Lemesos Medieval Museum

Old City, Limassol

The unique history of the Medieval Museum gives it a certain edge over the other museums in Cyprus, it is certainly one of the most sought after tourist spots in this region. ...

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Limassol Municipal Art Gallery

Odos 28 Octovriou, Limassol

Apart from the grand forts, majestic museums and ancient structures, the city has a cultural integrity and grandeur of its own, the Limassol Municipal Art Gallery is a pioneer in...

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Limassol Promenade

Limassol Promenade, Limassol

The Promenade in Limassol became a huge hit with holidaymakers for its great view of the sea, beaches and the palm fringed surroundings, with a backdrop of a long and slender sea...

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Limassol Sculpture Park

Limassol Sculpture Park, Limassol

The art and cultural aspect of Limassol is wide spread, beyond the ancient ruins, museums and numerous archeological sites, it's great artistic sense is evident from classic...

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St. Nicholas of the Cats

Edge of Akrotiri village, Limassol

One of the most unusual attractions in the whole of Cyprus is St. Nicholas of the Cats, while in Limassol you must take a look at this peaceful convent, that is situated on the...

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The Archaeological Museum

Vyronos, Siokri Str, T.K, Limassol

The Archaeological Museum is one of the key attractions in Limassol and is located near the Limassol public Gardens, the museum presents an insight to the rich cultural heritage of...

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The Folk Art Museum

253 Ayios Andreas Street, Limassol

The fascinating collection of Cypriot Folk Art displayed in the Folk Art Museum traces the folk history of Cyprus as a whole, it's art, culture, traditions, society, trade and much...

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The Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque, Limassol

To get the real essence of the Turkish Cypriot culture, take a trip to the Grand Mosque or Kepir Mosque, with a setting of towering palm trees the Grand Mosque is located in the...

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