Sightseeing in Limassol

Sightseeing in Limassol

Sightseeing in Limassol

You may not want to just sit in the much welcomed sun, you may also want to do a bit of sightseeing. We would recommend a number of trips as listed below. We would also recommend hiring a car to make your days and excursions that little more relaxed. If you're British, they even drive on the left!


The charm, the mysticism and the beauty of Pitsilia captures the imagination, while here you can travel through the foothills of the Troodos Mountains and explore the serene unspoilt villages and catch a glimpse of the island's rich cultural heritage. As public transport is not so frequent in this region, you could hire a car from Limassol and head for the picturesque foothills, once you get there you can take a nice country walk to soothe your senses.

As you stroll down the village paths, the colourful and lively nature of the local people will make you feel the spirit of country life, here you can see various festivals, feasts and fairs that are hosted by the villages each year, a number of villages even produce their own wine, honey and cheese.

Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains are an ideal destination for spending some leisurely times, this mountain range is a great attraction and even a hiker's paradise, the Troodos Mountains are situated just to the north of Limassol, holidaymaker's can enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains. Mount Olympus is the highest peak of the Troodos Mountains and is 1951 meters above sea level.

In these mountains the friendly village people live life at a leisurely pace, they are widely known for their large production of crops, other products and hand made crafts. while your here in the mountains you must visit the Kykkos Monastery, this holy monastery is famous for its golden icon of the Virgin Mary which was supposed to be painted by St. Luke.


Omodos is only 42 kilometers away from Limassol, Omodos is referred to as a historic village, this village is an ideal destination for history buffs and it is also popular for being one of the main wine villages in the Limassol District. As a historic place Omodos has much to offer, while your here you can visit the Monastery of Stavros, the Monastery has an interesting collection of old coins, magnificent wood carvings and other religious objects, the monastery also houses a small National Museum. The village of Omodos hosts a festival in August and a large religious fair on the 14th of September, visiting Omodos would be a lovely experience for any visitor.


The village of Kouklia is unique in a conventional way, located in the Pahos district and is about 16 kilometers away from Paphos town, apart from offering magnificent sea views, Kouklia is set in an archaeological region which have been declared as one of the most significant ancient kingdoms on the island. The name of the village Kou(vou)klia originated from Kouvikoularios which means 'the ownership of a property of a Byzantine officer.

In Kouklia you will find an abundance of grapevines and various kinds of citrus fruits, like avocados, kiwis, apricots, olives, locust beans, bananas, peanuts, legumes, as well as a wide range of mixed vegetables that make Kouklia a supreme production venue. In the village the people live a simple life and are commonly recognized for their devout respect for religion, Kouklia is also close to the Secret Valley Golf and Country Club.

The Public Garden and Zoo

Surrounded by the bountiful pines, eucalyptuses and cypresses, the Public Garden and Zoo are on the coastal road, if you want to capture the ambience of the rapturous environment just take a leisurely walk around the place and enjoy. The two statues of lions welcome you in the south entrance of the garden as they keep a watchful eye over the garden and it's visitors.

As you walk through the garden you will notice a magnificent sculpture of Christodoulos Sozos, who was once the Mayor of Lemesos and a Member of Parliament, he is hailed as a hero in Cyprus, his fight for freedom and democracy is still remembered. If you are an animal lover a small zoo inside the garden awaits your visit, the zoo has animals like Deer, ostriches, tigers, lions, elephant, pheasants, vultures, pelicans, monkeys and many other animals and also a wide variety of birds to.


The Island of Aphrodite has long been a dream destination for travellers around the world, besides the pleasant climate, it's majestic sunny beaches and above all the warm hospitality of the inhabitants help to make it a vacationer's paradise. Although the summers are a warm and dry, the balmy winters are wonderful, despite the variation of temperatures, the warmth of the sea allows for pleasant swimming for most of the year.

Dotted with several sandy beaches Limassol's waterfront is always buzzing with activity, here you can soak up the sun, take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean, or simply take a stroll along the sea shore. To experience the best beaches of the island head towards Lady's Mile, Pissouri Beach, Curium Beach, Episkopi Beach or Akrotiri Beach, many of them also offer a number of water sports.


If you are in pursuit of historical places then Limassol Castle and Kolossi Castle will undoubtedly satisfy your quest, Limassol and Kolossi are two medieval citadels in Cyprus, Limassol Castle is located in the old town near the old harbour, while Kolossi is set in the village of Kolossi on the west side of the town. Built in the 14th century, Limasssol fort is said to be the site of a royal wedding between the King of England, Richard Coeur de Lion and Berengaria of Navarre in 1191, Cyprus Medieval Museum is housed in this historic garrison.

The Castle of Kolossi was possibly constructed in the early 13th century, the Castle was handed over by Lusignan to the Hospitaller and the Knights of the Royal Order of St. John of Jerusalem, it is a paradigm of extraordinary military architecture from the Middle Ages, once you step inside the castles you are transported to an altogether different world.

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