Holiday Rentals in Cyprus

Holiday Rentals in Cyprus

Holiday Rentals in Cyprus

Limassol has a good range of holiday rentals available and these can be found on a range of websites, such as Holiday Letting's, Owners Direct, VRBO and many others. In addition there are raft of small businesses set up in Cyprus to rent and manage properties. We have provided some advice on what to look for.

Self Catering and Holiday Rental Advice

Limassol apartments and the Cyprus holiday rental market can be very confusing, especially as the number of properties that have been built over the last 10 years has increased in certain areas. Regions such as Paphos, with their large number of Paphos Apartments and Villas is popular, Ayia Napa with its younger crowd and the cosmopolitan Limassol have all seen a increase in holiday traffic and the accommodation has followed suit.

Below is a list of check points that you may wish to address when selecting an apartment or villa in Cyprus. You will always need to address the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, pool availability etc, but there are some things that many people ignore.

The Company with whom you're booking - Does this company have sufficient financial resources to compensate you if you have complaints or the owner has issues and do they have a track record.
Do you enough information on the property. How to get there, bedding, air conditioning, cleaning, hidden costs etc. Are there 24 hour emergency numbers available to call in case of problems.

Also check out the little extras as these can point to a caring owner and hence the smaller details may well point to further luxuries and attention to all elements of their property.

is there an XBox or Playstation? Bad weather, somebody is sick or parents want a quiet few hours, a games station may well prove invaluable.

  • Book library. You may also have lost of forgotten your books!
  • A Video library. Not legal presumably, but for personal use we're sure no one will care. Lie on the bed and relax and watch an old video after a hot and tiring day by the beach!
  • Air conditioning. Expensive but wonderful on occasions.
  • Extras in the kitchen: Coffee machine, blender and all those things that you may need for that Xmas dinner away from home.
  • Flat screen, Blue Ray DVD's, how many are there? Is there SKY or digital? Is it at least equal to your home or better?
  • All the other small touches to make your stay that extra little bit more comfortable, such as umbrellas, notepads, telephone.

Please vit our Limassol Apartments page or our rental partners, Discovery Holiday Homes.

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