Towns & Villages

Towns & Villages

Towns & Villages

If you want to venture outside Limassol then there are plenty of interesting towns & villages that are worth exploring, like, Larnaca, Paphos, Coral Bay, Polis, Erimi, Zygi, Maroni, Kiti, Oroklini, Pissouri.


Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus and is esteemed as one of the main holiday destinations in Cyprus, it has a population of around 72,000, the town of Larnaca has become a tourist hotspot for its beautiful location and grandeur, one of the key attractions here is the Fort of Larnaca, built in the middle ages. The Fort of Larnaca now houses the local Medieval Museum and has a stunning seafront view, Larnaca is also famous for its historical significance and it's said to be the second home to Lazurus, the friend of Christ, the church of Ayios Lazaros is one of the finest examples of Byzantine Architecture.


Paphos has the perfect blend of a rich and diverse history and it's natural beauty makes Paphos an ideal tourist centre, the serene atmosphere of this place will surely have a therapeutic effect on you. The economy of this town has flourished considerably over recent years, mainly in the tourism and property market. Ktima and Kato Pafos are the two major areas that divide Paphos, during the Hellenistic period, Pafos (Paphs) was the capital of Cyprus. The historical monuments, magnificent mosaics, museums and the famous 'Tombs of The Kings' are some of the local attractions that are worth seeing.

Coral Bay

One of the most sought after tourist destinations is Coral Bay which is famous for it's lively charm, this place has some of the best beaches on the island, to enjoy the place to the optimum simply take a stroll along the coastline to the north and you will unveil some hidden territories on your way, these isolated coasts make Coral Bay ideal for exploring. Coral Bay is situated near Paphos, with it's intriguing nightlife and traditional taverns, Coral Bay is hailed as a paradise to fun seeking visitors.


Polis Chrysochous is a town that still has retained the traditional Cyprus lifestyle, in this region you can get an authentic taste of Cypriot life, Polis has a reputation for being one of the most scenic locations on the island, with it's majestic serenity, unspoiled sandy beaches and mesmerizing views of the mountains and sea will surely take your breath away. The 'Baths of Aphrodite', Agios Andronikos and the Polis Archaeological Museum are some of the major attractions here, Polis is a great place for activities like horse riding, mountain biking, hiking and water sports.


Erimi is a tiny, enchanting village on a hilltop and just fifteen minutes away from the hurly burly resort of Limassol, a visit to Erimi with it's unspoilt scenic beauty is ideal for relaxing and unwinding and getting away from it all. As far as the modern amenities are concerned, Erimi is not a place that has to many as there are only a handful of shops and bars, Erimi is also renowned for it's Wine Making Museum, Erimi is the best place to lose yourself in the natural splendor of country life, although visitors can take part in the go-kart competitions held there every now and then.


One of the most picturesque seaside villages in Cyprus is Zygi, this busy little fishing port near Limassol is easily accessible by the coast road from Larnaca, with it's wide range of fresh seafood restaurants it is a perfect destination for seafood lovers. The stunning coastal view and the mooring of fishing boats can be a unique sight for the visitors, at weekends a small fruit and vegetable market can be found in this region, with it's attractive features, Zygi surely is one of the favorite locations for property buyers.


Surrounded by the beautiful orchards and lush green fields the village of Maroni is located on the south coast of Cyprus, various archaeological findings bear the evidence of it's settlement during the late Bronze Age. Due to its profusion of carob or 'black gold' trees, Maroni was once called 'carob beach', here you can see an abundance of olive trees too, Maroni is said to be one of the main producers of olives and carob in Cyprus, Maroni village is widely known for the great discovery of an olive press which is claimed to be the oldest olive press ever found in Cyprus.


Located at the south of Larnaca, Kiti is a village that has a splendid blend of Cypriot and British culture. The easygoing and lively nature of the local people makes Kiti a hot favorite with many visitors to the region. The scenic splendor of Kiti makes you fall in love with the place, during your stay take a trip to the main landmark called 'Panagia Aggeloktisti', this ancient church is a must see for its famous mosaic of the Virgin Mary, like most of the villages, Kiti too has gradually grown into one of the most sought after locations in Cyprus.


Oroklini has a backdrop of beautiful mountains in a valley that has the most captivating local coastlines, located in the north east of the Larcana district, Oroklini village provides all the essential amenities to tourists to make for a comfortable stay including facilities like horse riding, bowling and go-karting, eateries like take aways, cafes and some excellent restaurants around the village. Amidst the unruffled sandy beaches and tranquil bays, with Oroklini taverns playing soothing Greek tunes, this is undoubtedly the best means to live the authentic way of the Cypriots.


Away from the buzz of citylife, Pissouri offers you one of the most rejuvenating holidays ever, the majestic Troodos mountains stand tall to the north and the sandy coasts have a beautiful panoramic view to the south east of Pissouri. Pissouri itself has shops, bakery, banks, and restaurants, infact it has all the modern amenities tourists need, Pissouri is also one of the main wine growing regions on the island, if your looking for attractions then a visit to Pissouri's main landmark, Aphrodite's Rock is a must, during the summer season you can enjoy Cyprus Night which is held every Wednesday evening in the magnificent central square.

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