Limassol Tourist Information

Discover Things to See and Do in Limassol, including Limassol Attractions, Limassol Events, Limassol Museums, Limassol Activities, Limassol Sightseeing Tours and more.

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Limassol Tourist Information

  • Limassol Attractions

    Limssol and it's surrounding area's has many wonderful attractions that are definitely worth...

    Attractions in Limassol
  • Limassol Events

    With so much happeng in Limassol you shouldn't be surprised at the amount of events that take place...

    Limassol Events
  • Limassol Nightlife

    Limassol Nightlife and Evening Entertainment in Limassol. Limassol Nightclubs, Limassol Bars,...

    Limassol Nightlife
  • Limassol Activities

    Limassol activities offers an abundance of sport & leisure opportunities, including Limassol Golf &...

    Activities in Limassol
  • Christmas in Limassol

    Thinking of spending Christmas in Limassol? With great Christmas shopping, fantastic shows at our...

    Christmas in Limassol
  • Museums in Limassol

    If you want to make the most of your visit to Limassol then a visit to it's many museums is highly...

    Museums in Limassol
  • Lemesos Houses & Apartments

    Lemesos Houses & Apartments from Kanika, a member of the Kanika hotel chain group.

    Lemesos Houses & Apartments
  • Limassol Carnival

    Limassol Carnival is closely associated with Aprokia

    Limassol Carnival


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