Car Hire Limassol

Car Hire Limassol

Car Hire Limassol

Paphos Car Hire is an excellent idea for those confident to drive in a foreign country and for many the wrong side of the road. British citizens however will feel at home on the left hand side of the road. Car Hire information is shown below, to help you decide on who and when and how to hire a car........

Car Hire in Cyprus is not quite as simple as car hire in other parts of the world. It's worth taking a moment to consider what type of car hire car would suit you. If you like air-conditioning and comfort, then this may not be the ideal place to hire or lease a 4 x 4 off road vehicle. However if you like the sun beating down on you, the wind in your hair and the las se-fair approach, then think along different lines.

Also consider budget and family requirements in your car hire requirements. Children and older people may find that ex tar exposure to the sun too much and may also need extra space. So choose wisely, for when you're half way to Mount Troodos you don't want to have to consider these implications too late, but just enjoy the view!

The car driving rules in Cyprus are akin to those in the UK and cars drive on the left! You will notice a lot of motorcycles. The roads in Cyprus are good and motorways link the capital of Nicosia to the main towns of Limassol, Paphos and the airport at Larnaca. Signage is generally good on the main roads and motorways, with exit signs very observable well in advance. In the city, however many signs are only in Greek, and it may be difficult to understand. Ask a local if in doubt, they are always happy to help.

The maximum speed limit on the motorways is 100 km/h and the lower speed limit is 65 km/h. On all other roads the general speed limit is 80 km/h, unless a lower one is indicated. In built-up areas generally the speed limit is 50km/h, unless a different one is indicated.

Driving a hired car from Larnaca to the capital Nicosia will take about half an hour. From Nicosia through Limassol to Paphos, expect a journey of about and hour and a quarter. Road works have been quite a common site throughout Cyprus over the last couple of years, but this has resulted in an excellent network of roads, bridges, tunnels and roundabouts. The terrain is mountainous to the North West of Cyprus near the Troodos and traffic can become hindered on steep inclines due to slow moving cars, large trucks or coaches, but along the major routes traffic moves easily. Be careful at this junctures, as locals may decide they are not going to wait. Remember patience is a virtue and may save a life.

Visitors can drive using their national driving licence or a current international driving licence, provided that the licence is valid for the class of vehicle they intend to drive. If you intend to stay in Cyprus for longer than 6 months at a time you are required by law to obtain a Cypriot licence. This will cost about £35 for life.

Petrol stations are equipped with petrol vending machines, accepting bank notes and credit cards. Vending machines operate whenever a service attendant does not. Parking places (municipal and private) are found in town centres, charging a lot less than the UK for a few hours! Parking meters in the centre of towns may be used on payment on week days and during office hours. Parking meters do not operate on Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Other important rules to remember are: The use of front seat-belts is compulsory. Children under the age of five are not permitted under any circumstances to sit in the front passenger seat. Children from five to ten years old may sit in the front passenger seat only if an appropriate child's seat belt has been fitted.

Driving, under the influence of alcohol is illegal. Limits are similar to the UK, but please check with the car hire company prior to driving the hire car away!!

As with the UK parking and waiting is prohibited along a double yellow line and a single yellow line, loading and unloading is allowed but parking is prohibited at all times.

Where to hire a car? There a literally dozens of car hire companies with a whole variety of cars and prices. We would advise caution and careful analysis of the deals available... Check the following:

What does the insurance cover
What is excess
How much fuel is included
Return times and fertility
Drop off and return points
Quality of the car and the current condition, especially the tires
Open top canopy conditions


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