Limassol Nightlife

Limassol Nightlife

Limassol Nightlife

If you looking for a good night out in Limassol then you will be spoilt for choice, with venue's like Rialto Theatre, Monte Caputo Multi Function Centre, Shadow theatre, Basement club.

On LimassolCyprus.Net, you'll find a wide range of bars, clubs, and evening entertainment activities to choose from.

Rialto Theatre

The beautiful odyssey of Rialto Theatre began back in 1930, designed by German architect, Gunberg, it is the centre of culture in Limassol, Rialto Theatre is the centre of all cultural types, be it dance, music or theatre. It is one of the most distinguished and respected venues, recognized as a cultural institution, the programs held here are of high recognition and repute, on the 3rd September this year, world renowned Boris Eifman Ballet group will be performing at Rialto Theatre, the World famous Opera group from Moscow will be presenting a spectacular performance, Rialto Theatre is the cultural pride of Limassol and should be a must visit for every tourist.


Monte Caputo Multi Function Centre

Monte Caputo is an important part of Limassol nightlife and an architectural beauty, this centre is located in the most apt location, they have good food and lively music. The live bands comprises of musicians and entertainers from Greece and other parts of world, Monte Caputo has also been host to many important events and functions. Here you can enjoy delightful cuisine and live music for the perfect night life, Monte Caputo fulfills all such requirements and is a well known place not only with locals but with visitors and tourists too. Monte Caputo has an amphi theatre that has enjoyed many performances at national and international level, Monte Caputo is one of the most famous and loved night clubs in Limassol.

Tel: +357 25 636 333

Pattichio Municipal Theatre

Pattichio Municipal theatre is an integral part of cultural Limassol and holds all sorts of events, cultural, spiritual and artistic, the theatre likes to encourage and motivate cultural growth and development, the Pattachio Municipal Theatre was basically donated to the Limassol Municipality by Nicos and Despina Pattichi and has became functional from 19th May 1968.

Since the theatre has been open it has been constantly upgrading and improvising and has been home to many prestigious functions and programs, restoring, preserving and developing the local cultural life of Limassol and has been the core principal of this Theatre. Some of the important programs held recently are by the Diatassis cultural club, Roes modern dancing group, Friends of Dance and Austin Ballet, these programs are internationally acclaimed.


The Shadow Theatre at Kings Garden

The concept of Shadow play is prevalent in the eastern part of the world, especially in countries like China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt, you can have a chance to enjoy this cultural fun filled program from right here in Limassol. The King's Garden has a shadow Theatre and there are three types of shadow play - hand shadow play, paper shadow play and leather shadow play.

It is a new and delightful experience to watch these plays and it's very entertaining as they have combined traditional folklore and modern day problems to make an interesting act, this puppet show is very popular with families and especially kids, this is an experience of it's own kind and a folklore tradition amidst modern settings.


The Basement club

The Basement club is a cool and a happening place where you can enjoy a good night out, the basement club is open quite late till night around 2 am, the music here is great and is the main factor that makes the club so popular, the Basement club is situated right in the centre of Potamos Yermasoiyas. At the Basement club the staff are very welcoming and help to make this night club the success that it is, you can be sure it's a place where you can hear good music.

Tel: +357 25 873 380


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