Activities in Limassol

Activities in Limassol

What to do in Limassol

Limassol is the ideal place to visit if your looking for a holiday with lot's of activities available, including Golf, Go Karting, Skiing, Cycling, Horse riding, Walking trails, Ten Pin Bowling, Clay Shooting.


The second largest city, Limassol has lots of greenery and natural habitat and the government has taken measures to sustain the environment in such a way so that it attracts all types of tourists, if you enjoy playing golf then Limassol has great facilities in store for you, there are two main golf courses near Limassol.

Tsada Golf Club is very popular, for golfers staying in Limassol you will need to reach Paphos and then proceed north to reach the Tsada club, the second golf course is the Secret Valley Golf Club that is located very close to "Petra tou Romiou", this golf course is situated 18 km east of Paphos. Golfers from Lemesos need to travel 49 km to reach this golf course, both the golf clubs are 18 hole courses.

Go Karting

If your looking to go Go karting in Cyprus then there are a few place to choose from, there are Go karting tracks in Limassol, Larnaka, and Paphos, most of these tracks are monitored by professional and well trained teams, the maximum speed allowed on some tracks is 30 km per hour.

Go Karting can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids who are above seven years of age, Limassol conducts regular racing tournaments for both the young and old, for those who are interested in taking Go karting more seriously there are special Go Karting clubs, these clubs provide tutorials on how to drive Go Karts more effectively and are also available for large groups.


If you like to Ski and are planning to visit Limassol between January and March then you can ski at Mount Olympus which is near Limassol and is normally covered with thick snow at this time of the year, the slopes are easily accessible and the terrain is just right for skiing. There are ski clubs in Cyprus that organize accommodation for ski enthusiasts and if you are interested in skiing in Cyprus and you want more information then you need to contact the Cyprus Tourism Organization or the Cyprus Ski Club for help.

They should be able to provide you with the right information for skiing on Mount Olympus, once there you wont have to worry about getting back to the top of the hill as there are four ski lifts located north and south of Mount Olympus, because the mountain is centrally located it is easy for tourists to access the skiing zone in no time at all, for instance, if you are staying at the Troodos Hill resort, you need to drive only 3 km to reach Mount Olympus, if you are near the coast of Lemosos then it should take only one hour to Mount Olympus.


If you are looking for a biking expedition, then you have come to the right place because Limassol the Limassol Cycling Club and the Cyprus Cycling Foundation (CCF) organize guided tours for tourists to travel around the city and it's suburbs. Apart from organizing guided tours, the foundation also plans tournaments during spring and autumn seasons, if you wish to participate in any international tournament you can pick up an annual activities pamphlet from the CCF office.

The other option is to enroll as a member with the CCF, the Natural trails in Cyprus are well designed to suit cyclists who plan to trudge over hilly terrains, don't worry if you haven't brought your bike because Limassol has rental agencies which rents bikes for a nominal daily fee, however, while cycling remember to wear your cycle helmet.

Horse riding

There are many horse riding clubs and ranches in Limassol, there is one at the Elias beach hotel country club that has more than 250 trained horses for tourists who want to take riding lesson, racing tournaments are also conducted in Limassol by the Cyprus Tourist Organization and some clubs offer trekking. The Trekking Ride Ltd Cyprus club arranges trekking routes to take tourists across natural trails, Unicorn Trails is yet another club offering riders adventurous rides across the rough terrains, those who want to explore nature and forests, some routes are guided by instructors and you can always seek help if needed.

Walking trails

There are plenty of natural trails around Limassol, you could walk along the Digenis Caves or you could listen to nightingales singing merrily in the Kaledonia forests and feel the beauty of nature. Natural trails are well defined by sign posts and the Forestry Department is responsible for providing routes for trekking and placing sign posts for the convenience of the trekkers.

Some walking trails are self guided while others need monitoring, the length of each trail varies greatly, for instance, the trail along Kathikas village is only 2km long while the trail along Kyperounta Village is about 375 km. To maintain the natural beauty of the trails the government has taken measures to reinforce forest law, offenders are fined if found guilty of damaging the flora or structures, leaflets are distributed to educate visitors.

Ten Pin Bowling

If you enjoy bowling then Limassol is the best place for you as it has lot's of tournaments and leagues, Limassol hosts a series of bowling games for bowling enthusiasts and you can even enroll as a member in the Limassol Bowling Club, to get the feel of how serious Limassol is towards sports. Apart from the Cyprus Open, there is the Limassol Open, Mediterranean Cup, and Nicosia Open where bowling champions are selected, the bowling centres in Limassol include the Limassol Bowling Centre and at Space Bowling.

Clay Shooting

Clay shooting is a well known activity among the youth of today and Limassol is a city that is equipped with modern amenities to host clay shooting tournaments, clay shooting centres are provided with electronic traps, coin operated baits or voice accentuated baits, noise levels have also been controlled by the authorities to make the shooting experience more enjoyable, many international tournaments are also held in this city, especially in the International Sporting Ground.

Cartridges are easily available in the local market as the Cyprus government has relaxed rules to use shotguns such as Perazzi and Berratta guns for this sports activity, however, you must hold a license for possessing firearms, Cyprus also penalizes people for having pistols or other automatic guns.


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