Limassol Promenade

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Limassol Promenade
Limassol Promenade

The Promenade in Limassol became a huge hit with holidaymakers for its great view of the sea, beaches and the palm fringed surroundings, with a backdrop of a long and slender sea shore and cooling water parks it creates a delightful atmosphere for adults and children alike.

The bustling streets flanking the seaside trail has a unique appeal of it's own, it’s packed with cafes, restaurants, trendy English style pubs, vibrant nightclubs and not to mention a wide range of shops selling almost everything from souvenirs to the latest trends.

To add a dash of local colour to your holidays, mingling with the locals would be great idea, after a long tiring day, spending some quality hours in the boulevard is surely gratifying, so take a stroll alongside the beach and enjoy.

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